Monday, January 26, 2009

An almost sleepless night, it was predictable

Of course I got up at 5. I prepared a cup of coffee for myself, wrote my journal and at 6 I was on my mat. I did more than only the suryas. My body was willing. I did all the standing poses and a few forward bendings. I've lost the feeling for time. That's why I couldn't do so many asanas. But beside the forward bendings, I did the balancing poses, a twist, headstand, an inversion and upward facing dog was my back bending. I had a balanced practice. No ud today. Tomorrow the feeling for time will be better already. So I will be able to do more.
I wanted to meditate as well. I did this after my yoga practice. "You deserve 5 min relaxing pose", I told myself after I had finished meditation.

My neighbour with the red hair is still standing at the window sipping a beverage (probably a coffee) and smoking a cigarette. It is as if nothing has changed.

What has changed is my job. It's a journey into the unknown today. This evening I know more.


Anonymous said...

Hope your first day on the new job went well! I am sure you will find time again in the AM to do it all. It's funny how losing structure in our lives sometimes throws that off especially as a yogi.

I think you need to get your neighbor into doing yoga :) She apparently has morning time she is doing very little with :)

Just a thought...

Monica said...

Hope you have had a good day.

Monica said...

Hope you have had a good day.

Ursula said...

Thank you both for the best wishes. Yes, it was a good day, I am much more relaxed now.

My neighbour: Once I saw her in the street and I greeted her. I wanted to chat a bit, she obviously didn't like it. So, she will smoking in the morning, while I will stretch my body.