Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aahhhhhh, the group pressure, great

Mysore class this evening: I had several highlights. I summarize it: I had the feeling that many poses improved, even the difficult ones like supta kurmasana. UD was great, too. I could reach my calves with my hands when I arched back. To practice in a group pleases me very much. There is so much more focus. And at the end B. gave me the next pose: bhekasana.

Picture: The road to the company where I work. It has snowed, everything was white.

(Bed time already, posts become shorter, spare time, too)

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Monxo said...

It is also my experience that practicing in a group is best. The sense of community. Perhaps it is that I was raised Catholic -ha ha ha- we used to do everything together.

Perhaps is being Latino, growing up in the blooded. Down there we are gregarious community animals. Just like we are in the Bronx, my new home. ha ha ha.

I do prefer to practice in a group. Actually I practice by myself only once per week: on Sundays. All the other time is all together!!!!, Mysore style, of course.

Keep the energy up! Human energy grows only when you spend it!!!! Keep on keeping on...

Peace. Monxo