Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Aaahhhhhhhh, the knife

I meditated, ähhh, I mean I cooked. E. didn't like noodles today. Always noodles. So I was creative. I made a salad with potatoes, little green peas, an apple and mushrooms. I cut everything I had at home. With a French sauce it will be great, I thought: So I mixed garlic, Dijon mustard, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and herbs together. And it was great. You made too much, he told me. Fact is: nothing is left now. We had opened one of our Merlots. Ohhhhhh.
Even better we could stay at home as it is freezing cold here. I didn't even like to go out for a cup of coffee. I had opened the door to my balcony, stretched my feet out into the cold, and quickly closed the door again. Iiih, cold.

And after my creative dinner we chatted a bit. We chatted about a topic that will appear from time to time in that blog, too. It's my birthday party. I turn 50 the 30th of April. I know people who think that this is an event. Whyever. I'm already so far that I think that I should consider the organising of a birthday party as fun and not as pressure. No I won't travel away and hide in the sun. I will be here.
Now this birthday party topic is introduced. More of this topic can be expected. And this has of course nothing to do with yoga. Be it.


Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi U!
Thanks for the New Year's greetings and same back to you!

(See, I'm slow. Not even starting to touch my computer until January 6th!! Shocking!!)

I'm excited to hear of your party. Remember to hire a professional photographer - hahaha.

My daughter's 10th bday party will be Saturday. Goodness. I don't even have the Christmas decorations out of the house yet. Still though parties are fun and she is basically organizing this one on her own with just help from me.

And so life goes on.


Ursula said...

Hi M,
I wished your daughter would organize my birthday party.

I have still some time.
It's good to disappear from time to time. Nice to have you back.

Anna said...

Part of me dislikes society's obsession with age. 30, 40 , 50 so what? What is the celebration excatly?

Parties of fun, though, of course, so why not have one anyway? Just don't have one on your birthday!!! Be radical!!!

Ursula said...

Hi Anna, this is a very good idea. I'm so far now that I think I will give a little birthday party with my parents and E's mother and brother. They like to come like every year.

I can give a party for no reason with more people at any time when I like.

This idea suits me very well.

Flo said...

That dinner sounds amazing!
50.....no way!
I turn 30 on March 2nd. I consider it a big day because I an moving into a new time in my. My 20's were something of chaotic and a mess. The last 3 years I discovered yoga and feel I am entering into my 30's a happier, calmer person

Ursula said...

Hi Flo,
The dinner was great.

Have I mentioned it already: I feel very young. Calmer? I don't know, perhaps sometimes.

Anonymous said...

50 is great...when I turned 50 in 2007, I celebrated by being up at 5am to do 108 sun salutations because afterall my practice is very important to me :) Then a birthday party with 40 people family and closest/oldest friends at my favorite Indian restaurant and then I went off to an ashram to do more yoga, all the time!

So while it's no big deal to some people, if you plan to do something very special that you really love, 50 can be marked in a beautiful and meaningful way :)

Have a nice day/evening!

Ursula said...

Hi Anon,
This sounds so good.
Perhaps I won't make 108 sun salutations. Last time when I did it I had bloody feet afterwards. But 50 sun salutations could be doable.

It's a very good idea.
Thank you.