Monday, January 05, 2009

12 o'clock

There seems as if nothing has happened in the last year. It's obvious, I have to go on with my decluttering activities. Everywhere is something. The Indian Gods in front of the TV have patience. They don't care what's going on around them.
At least the sofa on the other side of the room is empty. Or are 9 cushions too much for 1 sofa? It's endless. Step by step I will fight my way through the jungle.
A plan for today exists now: E. will go shopping with me. I need a printer for my new PC. Tomorrow is a banking holiday here, so today is the only possibility to go shopping together. Without a printer I cannot write applications. To have a printer is important. If one important activity is done I shall be happy.


Tracy said...

the little gods look so cute sitting there in their new home!!

Ursula said...

Yes, I like them, too. These little statues are cute.