Monday, December 15, 2008

Up too late

We couldn't fall asleep, E. and me. This morning I didn't hear the alarm clock and my bf switched it off before I could hear it. It's always him when I do not get up early in the morning. :)

But now I am up and I checked my calendar: At 6 p.m. I will meet B. at a Christmas market. Last week we both missed it. That's the only appointment, that I have today. Till then I want to be prolific. Life is not only fun, isn't it?

I need a plan, I need a plan.
There are my daily routines: journaling, yoga, meditation, going through my 309 new vocabulary.
And then: It would be good to go on with my decluttering and cleaning activities. 15 min in each room should be enough.
And then: Oh, I must contact the German tax office. They have changed a law and this means I will get money back. Hopefully, one never knows. To invest some time here makes sense.
And then: I shall see what comes to my mind.


Anna said...

So difficult - to be at home and not in the labour force. My days are so like yours - I do get tasks done but it's all rather chaotic and some days not much gets done. And some days what I do do is quite banal. I need a routine! Structure! And I need to adhere to that structure ruthlessly!

Ursula said...

I know that I am not alone with these daily challenges when at home.

Now it's a decade ago. Once I had a home office for more than 4 years.I really had a good routine a strong structure but not rigourous. There was flexibility, too.

But after my last years and all that travelling I have to create again a satisfying routine.

For me this means to get up earlier. To start with my morning practice after lunch is a bit late.
Tomorrow I have to get up early. I will go to a yoga class with a friend and I won't miss it. :)

Anna said...

Yes, getting up on time is the key. For me, that's by 0700. And then I need to train myself to rise at 0630 - most days.