Wednesday, December 31, 2008

To sneak off - once a year

I already warned E. that also in 2009 I will sneak off for Mumbai for a while.
To leave everything behind for a while is great.

Mumbai for a fortnight, that's it. Tralali, it will happen, I only have to write it down often enough.


Anna said...

What do you mean "bush again"?!

Ursula said...

I looked the word up, but sometimes it means something different.

I wanted to: say to leave everything as it is and to go away despite some possible impediments.
Perhaps also to flee, and others want to hold you back.

Ursula said...

We just thought: to sneak off could be a better word or to steal away.

Is the word "to bush" not understandable?

Anna said...

"sneak off" is great - means to go while no one is looking - like if they wanted you not to go but you go anyway.
eg., You sneak off for a week in Mumbai
the party was so bad you decided to sneak off before midnight.

"sneak off" has an element of fun to it.

Anna said...

Sorry, meant to say that there's no such verb as "to bush".

You can say: "I am bushed" which is slang for "really tired".

To "beat around the bush" is to not come to the point.

I love your use of English on your blog - it's very poetic!

Ursula said...

It was also meant to be funny. I will change it to sneak off. It was the idea of E.. His English is much better than mine.