Saturday, December 13, 2008

Time to let go of

2 pots, 1 plate, 1 bowl, a lot of storage boxes, white stuff to put under the plates (never used). 7 parcels of my incenses have to go, too. I have still more than enough.

It's marathon cleaning day again.
I progress.


Anna said...

Gut gemacht Ursula!

Ursula said...

You speak German?????
Where have you learnt it? I am too curious.

Anna said...

I wish I did! My brother is absolutely fluent and teaches German at university and for a private company. I just learned it at school but never carried on after that. I love German - love the sound of the words and the structure and precision of the language. I like the country too! We have spent holidays with German friends in Hamburg and Norderstedt.

We visited Munich this summer and loved it - will be returning, definitely. We've even thought about renting a flat there for a few months!

Ursula said...

Sorry but, do you live in the US or UK?

German is a rather difficult language even for Germans. I started loving how it sounds when I listened to Klaus Kinski interpreting the peoms of Villon (translated into German).

Munich is beautiful in summer time: the montains, the lakes, Munich itself as a rather big city, the beergardens. It's a bit conservative here, but so what.

Perhaps we'll meet then next summer? That would be great.

Let me know when you need some information. :)

Anna said...

Thanks Ursula - I'd love you to help me find a nice hotel or a bed and breakfast for a stay in Munich next year. I have enjoyed your photos and descriptions of the city - it's really great - especially the parks where you did the yoga poses.

I'm English (from London but living near Liverpool at the moment).