Wednesday, December 10, 2008

That's it

I came home from a shopping spree, opened my PC to check my emails: Another book is sold. That's how I like it. So must be my next job. I'm enjoying my life, and at the same time I make money. But the joy was soon clouded. The sold book is rather thick and I put it in an evelope that was too small. I realized this, after I had written the address on it. I had to take another envelope. But these are only mistakes that happen in the beginning.

To sell things online is surely something I am interested in.

So far I spent more money than I make. This should be the other way round. That's my collected knowledge as an accountant for 10 years.
When I should give my shopping activity a title, it would be: spices and chocolate.
Unbelievable what a furtune one can spend on this. At least I have two presents for my mother now.

To see C, to have luncheon at Zerwirk was great. Finally I have some time for friends.

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