Monday, December 08, 2008

So busy

I paid my taxes and it hurt. OK, I know that it is good to pay taxes. It's worse not to have to pay taxes.
I gave one pile of 7 books away. I asked the owner of the shop if he liked to sell my bags and he wished to see them. That was the highlight of today, I started selling my goods. To have all the stuff here is dead capital.
I updated my calender, 2009 is coming.
I did errands.
I took my sold books to the post office and mailed them.

I, I, I, I also had a coffee in a coffee shop, where I wrote my journal.

I have still so many things to do.

Six vases are in my home. How many vases do I really need? Was there ever a situation where I got six bunches of flowers? Next year I will turn 50, but no, I won't get six bunches of flowers. I am taxing my brain. At least one vase has to go, I decided.
How many calender systems do I need? Do I really need another little booklet for my addresses?
Important is to find the addresses.

You see, the challenges of Western people are endless. It's easy to get lost in chaos.


Anna said...

I enjoy reading your decluttering posts Ursula! Keep going. Some years ago I set off on the declutter trail and it's been great. I looked at each item and thought:
"Do I *love* this?
Could I live without this?
Is this something I would be willing to wrap and transport to a new place?
Is this so beautiful that I need it in my environment always?
Is this so special that every time I look at it my heart sings?
Would I feel bereft without this?
Is this useful - do I use this regularly?

If the answer was NO then I gave it away.

I found that I was shedding even stuff I liked - which was great. It's so exciting to get down to a core collection of meaningful (to me) things. By last summer our 4 bedroom house was practically empty and we moved easily into a two bedroomed apartment - which is very cosy and uncluttered and I can see all my (few) nice things at once!

I enjoy the freedom that comes with knowing that I could move quite easily with my few things - they are not anchoring me down or holding me back.

The best part of all this is that you are not possessed by your things. People buy something, then it must be polished/cleaned/ looked after/ protected/ insured/ watched / maintained / repaired /updated etc etc. I know people who don't like to be away from their home for too long in case something happens to their stuff. Or they get scared about where they park their fabulous car in case it gets damaged. Possessions often rule their owners.

Six vases? Keep as many as you can keep filled with fresh flowers. Ditch the rest. Never keep vases in a cupboard - too sad!

Ursula said...

Hi Anna,

Your comments are really motivating. I observed myself already thinking: "Would Anna keep it?" I always thought you wouldn't and I threw this thing away.

I have an image of you as a woman who really only has what is essential to her. One cannot be free with too many things, this is impossible, I know this.

All my vases can be seen - they are on the cupboard in the kitchen, next to the bottles of wine. It's a good idea to buy me some flowers tomorrow.

5 vases seems to be OK for now,but I don't dare count my bowls......

Oh, believe me,it's still a long way to go. The skier, the food warmer, the yoghurt maker......big decisions have to be done, soon.

I go on, it's worth it.


Anna said...

Good Luck, Ursula on your journey. It is so worthwhile. I really believe that to make space in one's environment helps clear the mind so that one can see what is essential to a good life (and of course this is highly personal -very different for all of us) and the way forward.

And flowers are essential, I think. A quotation that I read decades ago:
"If you have only two pennies, spend one on a loaf and one on a flower. The loaf will give you life; the flower, a reason for living."