Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Primary series in the evening

I practiced even though it was a late practice. The body is more flexible in the evening it is said. This was true for most poses, but not for the key poses, like supta kurmasana. I couldn't touch my fingers behind my back today. Not to think, but to go on and on and on seems to be the best advice.

Tomorrow I must go up on time: 7 o'clock. That's nothing. This must be doable. Once there was a time I got up at 5 every day............


yoga addict said...

Ursula, it's Laura from Mysore! I miss you! How are things?

Ursula said...

Ohhhh Laura, what a wonderful surprise in the morning. I miss you, too. I am fine, hope you are fine, too.
I will write you an email.


Kevin said...

No Mysore practice with B. last night?

Ursula said...

B. is in India, Kerala like every year. She will practice with Lino Miele.
In the middle of January she will be back.

The Ashtanga scene is different now in Munich than 2 years ago. There are places where I can practice even Mysore style. Once a week I will do so, to get my weekly kick. :)

yoga addict said...

Hi Ursula!

Still waiting for your email! I have lost yours and can't send one to you, but would love to catch up.


Ursula said...

Dear Laura,

Thank you for writing again. I had already sent an Email, but it came back. I remembered your first part of your email address because it is so beautiful, but it was obviously not at yahoo.

Please write your email address in a comment, I won't publish it.
Thank you.