Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nothing moved so far

I'm up. Like yesterday I didn't hear the alarm clock. But I am up now and I can still be prolific.
When someone is waiting for something I usually give this activity priority. As soon as my hair is dry I will go to the post office to mail my two sold books.

Picture: These 2 soft toys will find a better place than to be bored behind my clothes. Also in Germany is poverty and we can give them to children. The other members of the soft toy family must travel too and they will find a new home in a room of a child. In total I have 11 animals. Two pieces I keep, I'm sad sometimes, too. But not now, now I am exasperated because I didn't get up earlier. I will get over it.

Today is another party. I am invited to the Christmas party of the company my bf is working for. At 6 p.m. I shall be there.

Yoga is on my schedule today after a break of 3 days.


Anna said...

Enjoy the party! What will you be wearing?

Ursula said...

I like to meet E.'s colleagues. It's not so often that I see them.

As it is an American company people there are dressed casual, also at parties. There is a stand outside, as it is cold,I will take care that I feel warm.

So I will probably go for something not too casual, but nothing too festive,too.