Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My tralali tralala list for today

To buy: coffee, rum, bread, (chocolate is still here), lamp, train tickets (on Sunday we are invited for a birthday party close to Göttingen)
At home: decluttering, cleaning, learning words, yoga, formulating an add for the SZ to get a job, working on the piles on my desk, sell my discarded books at amazon.
In the evening: I shall see if I will have time to join the veg group at Zerwirk. This is no duty. This is supposed to be fun.

Where to start???????


Arturo said...

decluttering, wise words.

Ursula said...

I just came back from a photo workshop and I learned that I can throw away my analog camera. There is no market for such "old" cameras anymore. But this is hard to throw this beloved item away. Nevertheless, it's clutter. Nobody neither me has any use of it anymore since the digital cameras are on the market.