Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Ashtanga practice today

It was not in the early morning rather lunch time when I found myself on my mat.
Sunday is my back bending day.
It was a good day as my body was flexible. This does not mean that the practice was easy. I need patience for urdhva dhanurasana. Every day I have to convince me to do this pose. I progress, but slowly. Months ago I wasn't able to stretch my arms "in the morning". This I can do now. My breath is deeper as a few months ago. Despite this progress this pose is still a huge challenge. I will have to live with slow progress. My body never was very flexible. When it is flexible now it is because I worked with it- day after day.

The breath is my focus. Of course I appreciate it very much when I am able to do a pose "correctly", but more important is the breath for me. The breath was deep and even. So, in total I had a satisfying practice.

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