Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I poured juniper into the hot water. I was lavish. It smelled so good in my bathroom and now after having opened the door, the smell is everywhere. Juniper is good for the muscles. I took a bath. Quitly I laid in the water, I didn't move for about 10 min. Then I usually have enough. I don't want to soak.

I feel empty, more should have happened today. But what? Step by step is the secret, I console myself.

And tomorrow:
In the morning I want to do yoga, I want to repeat my vocabulary, some grammer perhaps.
For luncheon I will meet C. in this great vegan restaurant Zerwirk. That's fun, she just returned from India.
I want to buy a Christmas present for my mother on my way home. It will be spices from the shop of one of our famous German chefs (no, I don't mention his name).

Lost in cosmos.
Time to meditate.
Picture: It's Christmas time here in the Western hemisphere.

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