Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's only clothes

It's only clothes I tell myself. The white jacket that I bought in the US and the pair of trousers that I bought in France are spoilt. Both were favourite clothes of mine. It remains to throw them away. Red wine leaves stains, I know this. I am furious. That was an expensive party.

What a most clumsy man was that. Accursed.


Monica said...

Sorry to hear about your clothes. Things like this are always irritating when happens. Few weeks ago I went to pick up a designer lamp I had ordered months before. After I went to a coffee-shop and than back to my car. I realized that I didn't had my lamp and run back to the coffee-shop. Someone else had already find out that this was a nice lamp. Very dissapoited I went back to my car to find it with a parking-note for 90 euro..

But I've had som happy moments after that :)

I say to myself that this is one of the no-calculated cost of living. Just to relief me from the irritation.

Hope you get over the loss!

Anonymous said...

Dry cleaning?

Tracy said...

ugh! i know the feeling..or rather my best friend "knew" the feeling when i did that to her at a party about 6 years ago...i am threatrical when i speak at times..and there i was. swinging my arms around and then "BOOM" there went her wine glass..all over her lap....i helped her wash her clothes out though..right there at the party! she wore some of the hosts clothes while they dried and we got it all out~ i know how dissapointing it is though to have to throw out great clothes that you love..sorry about that U. too bad the clumsy guy didn't offer to buy you a new outfit.

Ursula said...

Thank you my dear friends for consoling me.

At night, I was already in the bed, I thought: The "source" might have thought: Oh, you want to learn how to let go? But what happened so far was nothing. Today I teach you what it means to let go. Away with your favourite clothes. This made me smile.

I think this all has some funny aspects. For the time being I'm decluttering as you know, sometimes the wrong items go or have to go.

And perhaps E. drives with me to France again so that I can buy new clothes that fit. :)

Bye, bye, clothes, it was a great love with them. It's over.

Anna said...

Do you know, when things like that happen now I say to myself - "It's not cancer." We need to get perspective around possessions - it's a real battle but we must do it!

Ursula said...

Of course, it's only possession. It has no soul, no real harm is done, it's not a tragedy with whatever I might compare it.

Nevertheless one more time it shows me that people are sleeping while awake.

You might not believe it, but it is difficult for me to find clothes her, as I am rather tiny and thin. No I am normal, the others are fat and tall. I tried to find a substitute for the pair of trousers today. No chance to get something that I could wear.
No, I stop here, I could go on.

Out of the house is also out of the mind. I will focus tomorrow more on things that really have to go and there are still a lot of things here. Tomorrow I will go throw my cupboards. Buh.