Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It was absolutely quiet

It was time to meditate.
Everything is prepared for the dinner. So I sat down on my Indian blanket and meditated. The house where I live is deserted. Outside nothing happened, too. So I sat on my blanket and I experienced silence. Thoughts came up and passed by. After 10 min my meditation clock told me that it is over. I bowed forward. And also these moments are over already.

Music from the radio tells me that there is no time for sadness today. They play very rhytmic songs today. It's time to celebrate the last year. I love this day of the year. Still 5 hours and then 2008 is over. Oh, it's sooooooo exciting. :)


Kevin said...

I think you mean "quiet".

Wishing you and Ed a Happy New Year


Ursula said...

Oh thank you. :)

I forward your wishes, he is always pleased about it.

Yeah, 3 hours and a bit and we are through.

Happy New Year


Flo said...

Which clock do you use for meditation? I really enjoy your blog.

Ursula said...

I bought my meditation clock at They might have international shipping, too.
I need a timer. Guess you can buy one in your region, too.