Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I knew it, I know myself, I like to talk

R. is quick, within a few minutes I got a response to my Email. I was glad, I could take my goods to her. It's a burden for me to have the discarded things too long around me. Mind cannot stop thinking: But this red pair of trousers is still new and you like red. Do you really want to give away all these bowls, 5 pieces, and so on and so on. Now I am relieved. I gained room, I need room for new things to come. To let go of things is symbolic, it's also a mental exercise.

This afternoon I packed a bag and went to R., who lives round the corner in a very beautiful home. It was me, who couldn't stop talking, but I was also curious to learn something from her. We enjoyed it to exchange stories about our job lifes, about the current crises and so on. Oh, I was astonished to hear that there are people in Munich who start stocking their pantry because of the coming crises in 2009. Mmmmhh??????????

Now it's almost 5 p.m. Was this a succesful day, I wonder. Sometimes the steps that I'm able to do are small ones, it should be OK. Tomorrow I can go on with my life work with fresh energy and as E. will return late, I have still time for yoga. Yes, that's it, yoga, yoga, second series today. Now.


Anna said...

Yes, I am the same - if I deceide to shed something then it is RIGHT NOW. I practically run out of the house with it :~)

Then A. comes home from work and starts cooking and opens the cupboard to get something and says: "But there was a bowl in here this morning."

Ursula said...

That's funny.

I know someone, I am not allowed to mention the name, but this person lately told me: When I imagine that after my death all my books on mathematics will be thrown away, I can get angry right now.

I tried to console: You can find someone while you are living, who appreciates them.

I guess for some people it's even more difficult to let go. For me it really means "liberty".

alfia said...

It means liberty to me, too. And it is very hard, nevertheless...

Ursula said...

It's worth the effort.

I also know that my blog became embarrassing lately, but I don't care.
To let go is so freeing.


Monica said...

Hi Ursula,

Your blog is not boring - it's inspiring to get insigth to other peoples strugling. It's excact the same problems I'm dealing with.

Some weeks ago I wrote to you that I was so inspired of your decluttering that I had my washing lady for 13 hours and also her husboud came for some hours. One friend came to med the day after and I started decluttering. And this was like an execution of my things. After two days I was finished and I had LOT of things in my 175kvm flat! A lot clothes, magazines and books.

When my neighbour came hi said: "I didn't know that you're going to move."

What I did was that I've rented a storageroom outside my home. Then it was easy for me to be very efective and I just needed to ask myself: "do I need this thing for the next 6 months?" It was very easy to let things go than.

It's so freeing and refreshing to walk around in my home with so much space. It looks like a minimalistich museum.

But I still have a big job to do.. Now I must sort out things from this storageroom and only take back what I really want. The other things will go another place..

I've given myself 6 months. I pay 100 euro every month and are the things I want to get rid of worth more than 6 months rent.. Actually I was offered this storageroom for free, but I refused. This will not help me in my prosess - than my things probably stay there until the end of my time.

So I'm strugling with the same as you, Ursula. I have not come further in my prosess than you - I just use another method.

Good luck to you!

Ursula said...

Hi Monica,

Thank you for your uplifting email.

Sometimes I walk around here. Even though most of the items that I threw away were in drawers, I can smell that their is more room in here.

Sometimes I cannot believe how many things were here, my home is not that big.

And the process must go on.

I wish you much luck and energy to go on with your decluttering activities, too.

A storage room doesn't seem to be a solution in my opinion. But I do not really know your situation.

Step by step we have to let go and finally we are freeeeee. :)

You have winter time in Norway now,and the nights are very long. How do you handle this? Do you realize it as something important or different as in other countries?

Have a relaxing evening.


Monica said...

Good evening, Ursula

It's beatiful in Oslo now, with snow and very brigth ligth from the low sun during the day. But north of the Polarcircle they have "dark-time".

It maybe sound a bit spectaculare to rent a storage room and get rid of my things in two days. But I know myself, I'm afraid I would have lost the motivation in the middle of the process and just left my things floating on the floor in all rooms.

And I think it's a good motivation for me to see how nice the result can be. And I wanted to see the result ASAP. My pation I will safe for more important things. Yoga, for example. And relationships.

But I most admit - I've already been to the storage room two times, to place more things there and to take back some things. Actually my sofas were nicer with few cutions.

Have a nice evening to you and to E.

Ursula said...

Good evening,

I see. It seems to be an individual way, but the result is the same: less stuff, that we finally like and that we can use.

Oh, you are living in a white world. Here we have no snow so far.

I sit comfortably on my sofa now, E. is playing soccer this evening. He loves it.

Enjoy your evening.

PS: I have a lot of cushions on my sofa, too (only 1 had to go).

Monica said...

Of course I've CUSHIONS on my sofas. I realise that I learn spelling from you - at least try to learn :)

Ursula said...

It's always easier to detect the mistakes of other.
Cushion or cution - It could have been a typing error.

English is our second language, what can we do.


Anna said...

Just to say to Monica - Good Luck with the decluttering. But do set a deadline for the storage place or it will become your second home! And it will keep allowing you to bring stuff back. as Ursula has said: if you see your stuff again once it has gone out of your house, you'll start thinking, "Oh, I really like that colour," etc etc and bring it home. Give it to someone - then you can't take it back!

Ursula said...

Anna, you are our coach, that's great. :)

Monica said...

Thanks Anna and thanks Ursula!

I think you, Anna, have come further in the process than U and I have, but I think we both will make useful experiences. Hope to be more aware of what I'm buying in the future. As U ones wrote - will the new thing become a burden in the future.

Things will be given away. I will be very strict to myself when sorting out and I give myself maximum 6 moths. If I finish before I will safe the rent :).

Anna, if it's possible to get access to your blog I will appreciate that.

My mail is: ariadne.oslo@gmail.com