Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I feel a bit cold

I put on my jacket. I'm trembling a bit. No, it's not cold here in the living room, but usually I make it very warm in my little flat in Munich in each and every room. My parents prefer it a bit cooler. Tomorrow they will heat more. That's good as I want to do yoga tomorrow in the morning. I also want to meditate, but not trembling and with cold hands.

It's evening here almost 11 p.m and I imagine myself in bed already with socks on, a blanket round my shoulders and a book on my lap. This has even a romantic touch and reminds me of the times where I read secretly till late at night. Reading was not forbidden, but to read till midnight or even longer was not appreciated when I was 10 or a bit older.


Tracy said...

my favorite thing to do..Bundle up and suggle down with my little dog and a good book!

Ursula said...

We both, the bookworms. In German language we have also another word for bookworm. Once you are obsessed by reading you're likely to become a "reading rat".

I read till past midnight, I loved it.