Monday, December 01, 2008

I don't believe it

I had such a good practice - great. And it is not yet 2 o'clock p.m..
The body was open and transparent, not like during the last weeks where there was an uneasiness, but I couldn't say what it was. I could feel the edges today, of course, it is this sweet pain that tells me: be careful now. But this is something else than an undefinable pain.

I got stronger. Since India I do also vinyasas between sides and sometimes I do full vinyasas. Strength is important and I still have not enough, i.e. it is incredible difficult to do tittibasana after bujapidasana. Even more demanding it is to go from tittibasana to bekasana. I think it is a lack of strenght why this vinyasa is almost impossible. Strength and flexibility is important.

Supta kurmasana: I tried to put a leg behind the head. It was possible. Nevertheless the fingers could only touch today, I couldn't hook them when I did this pose.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I tried today to bow backwards with the feet much more far apart as usual. This might help to conquer the fear to drop back. The floor is closer to the hands when doing this. But today I was not ready to drop back on my own. The age, the age.

Radio was on. It helped me. The power of music helped me to go on. Why shall I not use a little helper from time to time.

It is amazing how a good practice makes the motivation soar.

Time to have breakfast. (This I shouldn't write, this ruins my reputation as an early riser. :))


Noodlegirl said...

I have strenght problem as well especially since I have such weak hands so you can just imagine!

I wish I can get motivated to do home pracise as well.

Ursula said...

Since my Indian trip I have more strength, but muscles can never be enough.

Home practice - it is simple. Role out your mat and start - without thinking. Oh, I am a terrible show-off (as if I do not know how difficult it can be.)

Strength for you


Anna said...

Hi Ursula!
I think it would be great if you could link to images of the asanas for us non-Ashtanga yogis and yoginis! Then we could see instantly how difficult it is!

BTW - as you are trying to learn English grammar and vocab., I thought I might help you in pointing out that you mean "roll" out the mat not "role". The verb is to roll. Role is a noun. You are amazing to write a blog in a second language.

Ursula said...

Dear Anna,

Thank you very much for helping to improve my English. I like it to be corrected and this in honest. Compliments do not help me and I know that it needs courage to correct others.

I do not know how to link either. But I will learn it. Give me a week or so. This was already on my list what I want to learn.

Have a wonderful day.