Friday, December 19, 2008

I celebrate already.......

I celebrate already with my favourite cake (Rosinenschnecke) and a black cup of coffee. It's perhaps a bit early. On Monday I will learn if I get the job or not. I am so optimistic. The accountant there will support me and the conversation with the boss was very positive, too. I like the office downtown (everything is black and white), I want to work there, I want, I want.....
Of course old fears (Will I be able to ....) arise. React to the moment and everything will be fine, I tell myself.

....and now the cake.
The job would be such a nice present for the new year.

(Oh damned, I just realized that I probably gave them an old CV, not updated yet. How can I make such an inexcusable mistake. Because of my cleaning and organizing activities the old CV came on top. Now I am nervous. Damned. As if life isn't excited already. Check everything 3 times, I tell myself so often, but this morning I only put the CV that was on top of the pile in the envelope without looking at it. Such a beginner mistake.)


Monica said...

I cross my fingers for you! Tvi,tvi!

Ursula said...

Thank you Monica,

I think the job is very good, close to my home, 20 hours only, demanding. The offices are in the most expensive street of the city, it's very chic there. I'm flexible re the beauty of the offices.

Start would be the 12th of January. I was not able to do much afterwards. One interview a day is sometimes enough.

I hope you are well, too.