Wednesday, December 10, 2008

He promised it

I checked ebay today. Electronic typewriters are offered for 1 Euro, but nobody wants to buy it. R. also emailed me that even in Africa they don't need it. We are in the computer era, everywhere in the world.

Next to the door is my electronic typewriter now. E. promised me to take it to a garbage place, where they accept electronic garbage. Also this electronic machine is so heavy. I was really astonished when I lifted it up in the junk room. It made me laugh. For more than a decade I haven't used it, nevertheless it's not so easy to let go. It was expensive, it's almost new.Feelings are attached to it. But my bf promised me to throw it away tomorrow. And I am glad.

I just reflected what happened today as I'm not really satisfied. I was busy with the typewriter. OMG. Away with it. Nice was to meet C, and nice was the dinner with E.
I have a birthday present for my mother now, that means less burden for me. That was it.
What really makes me crazy is, that I havn't practiced yoga. Damned.

I want to meditate and this I will still do. I want to observe my thoughts and see how arbitrarily it is how they come into consciousness.

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