Thursday, December 18, 2008

A good practice

I must admit, sometimes it's good for the body to have a day off. I shouldn't feel so bad when I do not have the mood to practice sometimes. It doesn't happen so often. Body was so flexible today after a day of relaxation. My body astonishes me from time to time.

Today was the focus on back bending, second series.
It was a good satisfying practice, nevertheless I'd like to write about my current challenges.

Pashasana: I did it twice, repetition is good. First I did it on my mat. Then I used the sofa for help. I leaned against it so that my feet could remain flat on the floor while I twisted the body. I couldn't fall back that way. The finger managed it to touch each other. To hook was not possible. This pose needs patience, I see.

Urdhva dhanurasana: I lifted myself up 3 times. The third time I walked my hands to the feet as much as I could with all my will power. When I remember well, it wasn't possible to keep the arms stretched then. I always try to remember to breathe deeply when I do this pose. I changed my effort when approaching urdhva dhanurasana (at least when I practice on my own), influenced by grimmly's post. It's important to have control over the movement, it's important to arch back more and more. To fall down uncontrolled is not the goal. I want to possess this pose. It shall become mine. I admit (It's the second time that I admit something) this pose frustrates me. To practice and to understand this pose is all I can do. I will go on, less and less impatient. Time will come when I finally can manage to drop down - controlled. Everything under control, I will think then.

At home I take breaks during my practice. I am often distracted, that's so. So I checked my emails during my practice. The interview tomorrow at 11 o'clock was moved to 9:30. That's fine for me. The earlier I have it behind me the better. I like to have a reason to get up early. It would be a job 3 times a week four hours each day. It would be a slow start back to the working life. Better than nothing.

Oh and now I will do pranayama and meditation. For a couple of days I haven't meditated and I miss it. Only sitting, not having to do anything, knowing that nothing must be accomplished is so good.


Andrew said...

I know that you are learning more and more English words by the day, and, your English is very good. So thinking that you would appreciate my mentioning that "postpone" is used in context of a later time. One would postpone something for future. If something is moved earlier, well, it is moved "earlier." Hey, I'm working on my English too!

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Andrew. I appreciate corrections very much. Compliments are very nice, but they do not help much.

Funny is that I just thought about you, because I just opened the envelope that was in my postbox. The book "The lost footsteps" arrived. Oh, it smells awfully, the book is really old. It's a bit disgusting to touch it. As soon as I will have read it, I will throw it away. I wouldn't have had the courage to offer it online. I can probably be glad that I could still get it.

Nevertheless, nothing can stop me. You made me curious about the contents. It might happen, that I even start reading this evening.

I must wash my hands now, before preparing dinner.:)

Have a great time.

I will let you know how I find it.


Andrew said...

Yeah, I paid up for a brand new, yet 25 year old copy. My best advice is to light up some incense, wear surgical gloves, and embark upon an incredible story before you.

Ursula said...

That's a good idea to burn incenses while reading it.

I can sit on the floor the book lying on the floor between my straight legs. Then I only have to touch it when I have to turn the pages.

I won't read the book in bed.

It's possible that for a decade or so nobody has touched the book, but it was stored in a room with NO fresh air.

A bit smell, a bit dirt, that's nothing, I am curious, so I will read it.

Andrew said...

By the way, you have been so kind in past sharing with our Yoga community photos of Mysore. You may want to go to and do a search on apyogadance to see a video of a trip to India earlier this year. You will see photos of my time spent with Shyam Das in Natwara, Rajastan, followed by a stay at the Taj Lake Palace Hotel in Udipur, site of several scenes in Octopussy, concluding with a stay at the Taj Palace in Mumbai, yikes! The trip was one in search of Krishna, thus the theme of this video. Additional videos to follow shortly. Enjoy!

Ursula said...

Ohhhhhh, very beautiful! :)

Andrew said...

Hee! :-)