Thursday, December 04, 2008

From one pose to the next, quick quick

I switched on the CD by Sharath this morning. Everything that helps me is allowed and welcome. Again I realized how fast one has to go from one pose to the next: Sharath gives you exactly one breath. This has advantages. There is no room for thinking like that:
Oh no, now parivritta trikonasana, I hope I will have enough balance today.
And now the hero pose, it wil be enough to hold it for 3 breaths only, I am already exhausted.
When practicing with the CD there is not much room for thinking, considering.
Pose after pose must be done.

Urdhva dhanurasana: What really helps me is that my arms got stronger. And my arms got stronger because I do all the vinyasas since my Indian trip, also between sides. The series demand strength and flexibility.

Practice, I told me, don't expect a break through. Go on. That's it. Even a bad practice is better than not to practice. The Ashtanga series teach me to be patient.

Photo workshop: I will go to a photo workshop soon. That's a highlight. Yepeeeee.

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