Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Free style this evening

I started with a few surya namaskaras, only to get warm.
Pincha mayurasana followed. Oh, was this exhausting. My heart started beating. I had a good balance today, nevertheless I had not the courage to do this inversion in the middle of the room.
I even tried handstand and what a surprise, I could hold the pose for a few breaths without touching the wall. Being able to do hanumanasana is helpful. I should really integrate this forward split in my daily practice.

I had enough power and mental energy to do urdhva dhanurasana. Will this pose ever improve I wandered. Finally I came to the result: Practice and don't care about the result. The results will be seen or not, it doesn't matter, back bending feels good. This is amazing. It is difficult to start with these back bending poses, but afterwards I always have the feeling as if it was good for my back.

Short closing sequence and this was it.

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