Monday, December 08, 2008

Do we all have a double life?

Yesterday before we had to head for Munich we watched a documentary on bears in Alaska. During summer time these huge brown bears catch salmons and devour them. Seeing this I got so much appetite to eat salmons. The wish to eat salmons became stronger and stronger as longer as I watched these bears enjoying these salmons.
In the train I closed my eyes and imagined myself sitting at my kitchen table with salmon, horseradisch, French baguette and a black cup of coffee. Nobody needs to know about it, I thought. I can do it secretly.

When I woke up this morning a question was in my mind: Do I like to eat salmon today? The answer was "no".
(I am obviously a hardcore vegetarian.)

Amazon sales: That's how I like it. I go to a party, I sleep and while this happens I'm making money. 1 book and the DVD is sold already. Overnight I made almost 20 Euro. No, it's not a good hourly earnings. I have to go to the post office today, it will take one hour. But as I like to go downtown I don't mind. I also have to do some errands. So I am rather happy with my online activities.

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