Friday, December 12, 2008

The day

Just before I was going to leave my home I checked my emails and saw that I've sold another book. Quickly I printed out the shipping slip, put it with the book into an envelop. On my way to the theatre I could mail it.

Then I went to the theatres to see the latest Woody Allen movie "Vicky Christina Barcelona". Enjoy it, I told myself, time will change and then you cannot go to the theatre on a bright day anymore. Only about 5 people watched the movie. The room was almost empty. It was a good movie, I liked it, not his best one of Woody, but entertaining. He is such a creative man, not one movie is like the other, style, contents everything changes. Woody Allen seems to know the women, which played the major part of the piece.

Afterwards I stopped at an Arabic restaurant to have a falafel. I called E. to tell him where we can meet for a glow wine. As usual he was late, I didn't care as it is rather difficult to find a parking space downtown. While I was waiting, suddenly a young beautiful woman with a huge smile approached me. It was one of my former colleagues, who obviously was pleased to see me. "How was it in India?" she wanted to know and if I had a job already. That was really good at my last job: the colleagues. I will send her some pictures of India on Monday, the busiest day of the week. This will please her.

E. arrived and we had our glow wine outside, afterwards we walked through the bookstore (without buying anything) and then headed home.
Here I am again. I regret that I haven't practiced today. It seemed to be difficult for the time being. But tomorrow I will sweat on my mat again...........


Andrew said...

What is a "glow" wine? Why not rent a storage unit, shift everything that you have no/limited use for into such unit, then come Spring time throw/give away all of the stuff? This is the best way of ridding yourself of unnecessary material Stuff.

Ursula said...

Glow wine is available here in Germany when it is cold. Usually we drink it on Christmas markets. It's warm red wine with spices, some add rum, but this is not necessary.

Storage unit: First it's rather expensive here to rent storage room. In my opinion the decluttering task is only postponed. To have a storage room costs time and money. No. Now is the moment and not in spring time. In spring time I will sit outside in a caffee, reading a good book. :)

Bettina said...

I watched the movie 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' on Tuesday, I loved it. Since I have been in Barcelona for a few days in September it had an additional special meaning. It's always nice to recognize the places where you have been in a movie.

Ursula said...

Hi Bettina,

I was in Barcelona several times and I loved to see the Gaudi architecture. Not everything I've seen on my own.

The movie was cool with all the different imaginations of love.
The voice in the background, that explained some things the spectator didn't see had the effect that I felt a certain distance to the most emotional stories. Great. It's a movie one better sees alone and not with a bf.