Saturday, December 06, 2008

The cameras in our home

"You will never leave me," I told this morning to my bf, "you cannot even let go of this old analog camera."
The camera situation in our house:
We have 2 digital cameras. One is in my handbag, it is a little one, always available.
Then I have the big digital one, with this good lense, a birthday present from E..
Beside these 2 digital cameras, we have 2 (two) analog cameras with lenses and filters. This makes in total 4 cameras.

It was difficult to throw my analog one away, but it is done. My bf cannot let go of his old heavy camera. Once it cost 1000,-- Deutschmark. This camera was bought when we still had another currency. He wants to store it at his mother's house. It is not even a good analog camera, he himself was astonished how little it can do. I've never seen him using it.

It is difficult to let go, it is so important to learn this.

Anna's comment is so true: possessions can possess you.

My camera is gone now. E. is still in love with his.

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