Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby steps in the right direction

Baby steps in the right direction. This is probably true for everything we want to accomplish. I read this hint from "The Organizer Ladies". But also Oliver Kahn, our soccer hero, wrote it in his book on success. If anything seems too difficult, break it down to smaller steps. That's the secret. If a small step still seems too difficult, make it even smaller.
That way I progressed in many areas in my life. My small home is so much better already. With baby steps I will go on. Sometimes I can leap ahead, then I enjoy this too.

And of course sometimes huge steps happen, then they are welcomed.


Tracy said...

"Inch by Inch, life's a cinch..Yard by Yard, life's pretty hard"!

Ursula said...

Nice said.

Oh Tracy, I am glad my home looks better and better. It was so neglected.

Yesterday I learned from my former colleague that the colleage who was hired after me had left the company at 2 p.m. on a Friday. We both new what this meant and laughed. Either she goes by her own, or they make her go. My last job didn't allow anything else but yoga and working. My home was neglected, but soon I will be up to date again. I am glad.

That I have help is good, too. There remains a lot to do for me.

Have a nice day.


Anna said...

Home is where the heart is - it should be warm and pure!

Tibetan Singing Bowl said...

Very true. I love the blog, thanks.