Wednesday, December 24, 2008

All the children (age 49 through 85) are happy

During the afternoon my father has touched the wrapped gifts to guess what it is. He was so curious. Finally the time came to unwrap the presents.

I got an envelop. My father has written a poem for me:
I translate:
We should build bridges,
from the earth to heaven,
so that the light of christmas
shall enlighten the darkness of our earth
to show us the path
to freedom and harmony

Merry Chrismas wish you
Your parents.

I turned the page and saw the cash: I shouted loudly: No, this is too much, this is too much.
They calmed me down.

In addition my mother gave me one of her silver necklace that she had bought for herself. It dangles now around my neck. It's so beautiful. I wanted to refuse to take it, but she insisted that I take it.

But also my bf surprised me very much. Sometimes I think he is so busy with his job that he doesn't see anything else. But obviously he must know that I like languages. A few years ago we had a huge spelling reform here in Germany. Since then also my German spelling is no more up to date. I got the latest "Duden" with all the new spellings in it. Bingo. I love it.

My mother liked the spices, my father the electronic picture frame. Everybody had something to play with. Everybody is happy. I called E. and his mother: There they are happy, too.
Sigh. Thank you.


Tracy said...

(((((smile))))~~~~~~~that is wonderful ursula! such a loving christmas you had!
all the best to you~

Ursula said...

Smiling, too.
Yes, it was a great evening. I am glad that I am here.

I hope very much that everything was great at your home,too. But I cannot imagine that it wasn't.


Tim said...

That sounds great. Merry Christmas (a bit late).