Sunday, December 28, 2008

After midnight

I sit in the bed already. A soft blanket is over the bed to keep me warm, my PC is on my legs. It's so much fun to be online everywhere even in bed. E. and his brother are laughing in the other room, they are watching a comedy. I sit here, write my blog, repeat my vocabulary, check the news. That pleases me.


Arturo said...

hi Ursula
happy holidays. i was typing in the name of your blog because i'm in my mom's address. if you write your blog's name without the hyphens you get to a blog that someone started and abandoned 3 years ago. it also seems that bots have invaded the comment section in that blog and the writer doesn't administer it. anyhow, hope you're enjoying your visit with your family.

Ursula said...

Hi Arturo,
I've found the blog "my yoga blog" without -.

It's abondoned.

There are so many used names already. It's difficult to find a new one.

My fellow bloggers are so familiar to me. Often they know more than my friends that I meet from time to time. I liked it also very much to see your family.


skelly said...

Happy Christmas and nearly new year :-)

Ursula said...

Hi skelly,

I wish you Merry Christmas and a wonderful year 2009. It's coming.