Tuesday, December 30, 2008

3 points...

... that make it easier to do a daily Ashanga practice.

1. To practice in the morning before breakfast, every day at the same place is a really a supportive habit. To step on the mat without much thinking, but to start practicing is just ideal.

2. A healthy lifestyle, with almost no alcoholic beverages and a vegan diet support the yoga immensly. For my joints it's essential nowadays. When thinner practice gets easier.

3. To have the possibility to practice once in a week in a group or to have once in a week a led class is unpayable. It always gives me a lot of motivation for my home practice.

Of couse there might be other important things that make it easier to practice daily like a warm climate, but these above mentioned 3 points came into my mind spontaneously, so they seem to be more important to me than other points.


Flo said...

I really needed this post!!
I have to get better at number 1!!
I tend to hit snooze and sleep in those extra 30 min which leave me no time to get into a deep Ashtanga practice. I am trying to get better for my daily practice in 2009!!
On number 2...I was vegan this year(vegetarian for the 2 years prior) but fell off the vegan diet with eating dairy a month ago. I can tell the difference. I also need to stop all Alcohol.

And number 3..I try to get to a mysore class once a week (or vinyasa if I can't make it to Mysore)

Thank you thank you for posting this. It helps me to reaffirm my intentions for the new year and reminds me my head is in the right place; time for my body to meet up.

Ursula said...

Oh Flo, it's a pleassure for me to help you refining your intentions.

Happy New Year and happy practicesin 2009 wishes you Ursula

Re vegan/vegetarian: I feel the difference as I tend to have arthritic joints (genes). Animal protein is aggressive to the joints. But in your age it doesn't play a role yet, I guess.
Nevertheless I'm very pleased to hear that you are vegetarian, that you have even been vegan for a long time.I fall off the wagon from time to time, too. Important is to return. We must take care of our beautiful animals. Thanks.

Anna said...

Dear Ursula:
Happy New Year! I have been away touring Scotland for Christmas/New Year with my partner, A. It was cold! And I ate too much and fell off my vegetarian diet by eating a lot of fish. Also, I consumed a lot of dairy-rich food. I feel so fat and achey. Now I am going back to veganism which makes me feel the most healthy and bright.

Just catching up on your blog! Don't change the mix of posts: it's just great - snippets of your life off the mat to me are as important as your descriptions of yoga. And you have a great sense of humour.

Hope to get to Munich this year: maybe we could try to meet up?

Ursula said...

I already thought: Where is Anna? She didn't leave a comment for New Year. And here you are. :)

I would be very pleased to meet you in Munich.

All the best for the new year.