Saturday, October 25, 2008

Working on the symptoms?

"I have no time to bring the home in order," said the fellow Zen student to the author Janwillem von de Wetering in the book "A glimplse of nothingness". Janwillem doubted this. He already was in another hut to fetch water and there it looked totally different. It was clean there, no mess.
To have no time or to have no money are excuses. A messy home is a symptom for something else in the brain. Even a poor hut can have something lovely. I think Janwillem is right.

Do we work on the symptoms when we clean and throw out old stuff? Might be. Might be not.

Today I gave away a pair of summer shoes, 5 scarfs, old maps, a bottle of liqueur. I found winter shoes. I feel good. Emptiness is something wonderful. I am still far away from a really decluttered home I must still created space, but I am on my way. Further steps are done, and I will go on.

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