Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why it is good to be strong, even as a woman

"Look for a young man, who can carry your bicycle". The owner of the bicycle shop told me this, because I have misplaced the key for the lock. Oh, it is nice to have a strong willing young man, perhaps even good-looking around me all the time. Unfortunately this is not always my reality. I carried my bicycle alone to the shop. I am strong. Yeah. I have strong arms, because I do Ashtanga yoga. Yeah. Now my bicycle gets repaired. Perfect.

Corrections: I know it but I did ignore it. We all have too much to do. A to do list is fine, but usually it is too long (at least mine) and this creates stress. Sometimes nothing gets done at all because of this. The intelectual work starts when the to do list is done. What are the 3 most important tasks and what are the first steps for these tasks are the crucial questions. On my list were 5 important items. Three tasks are done now, should be happy: refrigerator, shopping, bicycle. There is time for another task. I need new glasses. Buh.

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