Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Why each task has the potential to drive me crazy

Bicycle blues: I delegate whenever it is possible. To clean my bicycle is nothing I want to do by myself. 33 Euro and they check everything (light, breaks, gears) and clean the frame. What is the first step that I can do to get it done? I need to find the keys for my bicycle. But where are the keys? I found one, but I have an additional lock and for that lock I have obviously misplaced the key. Yesterday the shop was closed, today they will open at 12. First I have to ask now if they can break up the lock. Tasks that seem to be done within 1 hour need 3 hours. This gives me the feeling as if I accomplish nothing. But I will go on with my bicycle task. It must be done. Breath by breath everything can be done. There is no reason to get crazy. There is no reason to get crazy. I must repeat it. Ohhhh they play Robbie Williams for me in the radio. It is about love.

What is done already:
The fridge is set up. At 5 p.m. I can switch it on.
I was shopping, toilet paper, tooth paste, salt, nothing superficial.
I found a phone number to change an appointment.

No yoga so far. Awful.

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