Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where did all the time go????

I know it , I know it.
I got up with my bf. It was 8 a.m. I pampered him with a black cup of coffee.
When he had left the house I saw that the kitchen was a mess, I actually have taken the last clean cup. Doing the dishes was the first thing I did.
Then I wrote my journal when the door bell rang. Bf was back. He wanted to have breakfast outside with me. Good idea, I thought and we went.
Back home again it was already much later. I finished my journal writing, then I did pranayama and meditation.
But that was not all. The job agency called me twice. I have 2 further interviews. In the meantime it was already past 12.
I did some suryas, the standing poses and a very quick closing sequence. That was my morning yoga practice today.
Now I must prepare myself for the first interview with the job agency. They just want to get to know me. It is understandable.

10 min meditation seems to be the right time for me now. It is still challenging, but doable, I don't feel overwhelmed. I have often enough the possibility to observe my thoughts, name them and let them go.

I must hurry now. For interviews I must be beautiful, and this takes some time. Clothes must fit perfectly together, make-up, jewelry.


joy suzanne said...

Break a leg, Ursula!

(oh wait, you might not know that means Good luck!)


Ursula said...


OK, I understand.

Thank you js. Important is the interview on Friday. Today I was at the job agency. But Friday is important, because I really like to work for that company - it is round the corner in walking distance. Ohhhh, this means much time for me.


Anna said...

GOOD LUCK. Knock 'em dead! (as we say in UK)

Ursula said...

Oh, I seem to learn some slang. I like this.

Everything which has to do with speaking is good for me.
I could even speak English today (with my awful German accent). It was OK. I talked to a very young German woman.

joy suzanne said...

Or here's another: the French say "Merde!"

Merde for Friday!!

Ursula said...

The word "merde" I know.

Does it sound better when I use the French translation "merde" instead of the German word "Scheiße"?

But in the context "merde pour vendredi" it seemed to mean something else.