Monday, October 20, 2008

"We are sorry.....,

.......,but we want to inform you that you won't get the job, but someone else. It is not because of your qualifications, but because you go on vacation for 6 days."

I thanked for the quick info and wished an interesting time in Berlin. The company will relocate to Berlin in January. So the job was even limited till the end of December.

Only for a minute I was disappointed. Then I thought that I have to enjoy my holidays with E. even more. On the 31st of October we will travel to Turkey, Istanbul. We will stay a bit more than a week. The flight is already booked. Time with E. is precious.
New opportunities will come. Hopefully. I can still use the vacuum to let happen something new.


joy suzanne said...

Have a wonderful vacation, Ursula! You've got a good attitude about the job, too.

I noticed in the post above that you buy non-leather shoes. I do too, and it's sometimes hard to find beautiful shoes that I love, that weren't made in a sweatshop. Shipping is expensive now that I live in France, but has such beautiful and well-made, sweat-shop free shoes that I think it's worth it to pay the shipping once or twice per year!

Anyway, just thought I'd pass that on. Have a wonderful afternoon...


Ursula said...

Oh, thank you very much, joy suzanne. I know, it is difficult to find non-leather winter shoes. So I appreciate your hint very much. To be vegan is a life style. I like to read that you take care of the animals, too.

We have a wonderful fall here. It would be awful from my side, if I didn't acknowledge this. It is like a gift.

Btw, after my studies of sociology I lived in Montpellier for 6 months. I read that you live there now. It is a wonderful place.



joy suzanne said...

Oh, really? How cool! So you know my town very well, then!

Enjoy the beautiful colors of your fall. Today it's doing a rare thing in Montpellier--raining! Hard. I love the sound.

Ursula said...

I can imagine. Rain in Montpellier - miracle.

...and the beach is so close.....I miss it.