Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The water meter

It rang at the door. I asked who was there. Unannouced 2 man stood in front of the door and they wanted to substitute the broken water meter. I was glad. It had taken 2 years till I was able to initiate this. I felt so overwhelmed during the last 2 years that I felt too weak to do these tasks in addition to my work and general chores. My yoga practice was like a blade of grass on which I desperately held. But it needed a lot of time. It was all too much. I was not able to do everything and some thing left undone - for years. Now the water meter is substituted, what a relief.

I am so glad that I am still in a vacuum so that I can accomplish a few things apart from making money. Next very important step is my tax declaration. Very important.

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