Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The tongue

OMG, the tongue. The tongue is supposed to be at the upper front teeth. I had rolled my tongue and pressed it against the lower front teeth. Of course this influences the breathing. There is much more room in the throat when the tongue is slightly touching the upper front teeth. OMG.

Mysore class this evening: 8 aspirants showed up today. I love the energy of my fellow Ashtangis. This gives me motivation and strength. Urdhva dhanurasana improves, at least I have the feeling that this is the case. I had a great practice. The breath, the right counting, that's what will be my focus tomorrow and of course the back bending.

I relax now. Enough for today.


joy suzanne said...

OMG! I didn't know either! I never thought about the position of the tongue--only about the glottis. Amazing, you're right, I feel there's more space in the throat this way.

Thank you Ursuline! (Every day I walk past the Centre Corégraphique Nationale de Montpellier in la place des Ursulines! Do you remember it?)

Ursula said...

Hi joy suzanne,

It's funny, isn't it?

I like the word Ursuline for me, but I cannot remember the place you mentioned. I remember "la plage au palavas" and "La grande place", where all the cafes are and the mall there. But all these shops change. It was decades ago that I was there. It was a great time in my life (also a bit dangerous, but this is past, too.)

joy suzanne said...

mmm, you're thinking of La Place de la Comédie!

I'll take a photo of Les Ursurlines for you!

Enjoy your vacation!

Ursula said...

Yes, that's it.

Oh, I'd like to see a picture of a place that is called Ursuline.