Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Step by step

What helps to start with the yoga practice also helps regarding other activities. I just stopped me at the right moment, I wanted to right - helps regarding other unpleasant activities. But yoga is a pleasant activity, isn't it?
It helps me to start with yoga when I break the whole practice down to a very easy first step. Much too often I see the whole practice instead of the first step which is rolling out the mat. When seeing the whole practice my attention is drawn to the effort, it makes it difficult to start, sometimes impossible. Thinking of the next breath and only the next breath makes it usually easier to start with the practice.

But I didn't like to talk about yoga, this time it is the refrigerator. The old one doesn't function anymore - too old. The first step was to find a shop that sells refrigerators. Was this the correct first step? I don't think so. It would have been better to meassure the fridge frist. Till I will possess the refrigerator many steps have to be done: to meassure the refrigerator, to talk to the landlord, to make a decision, which one is OK for our porpuses, to buy it - only to mention a few steps. (So far I saw an appropriate refrigerator and I spoke to the landlords. They want to call me back, hopefully tomorrow morning.)

The next task is, that I need a new pin no for my pack station. Believe me, this too is not done quickly. I was already at the post office. There were long waiting queues. They gave me a phone number finally. I called, but the phone number belongs to a newspapaper, so I think this cannot be the correct number. For today it is too late, but tomorrow I can call again. .......It is endless. I am busy, but I do not have the feeling that I accomplish anything. One more time I see that I have to organize myself in a better way - then I would still have my pin number. India cleared my mind, I have forgotten it (and it was only in my mind, like the name of a lover, only that the pin no of the packstation is NOT my lover. That's why I have forgotten it).

But I started with important activities, I should praise myself. I hope my activities brought me a bit closer to the wished outcomes - a new refrigerator and a new pin no. Step by step things can be done. What is the very next step is a good question.

Picture: House close to the Chiemsee.

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