Friday, October 10, 2008

Relax and all is coming

We both, E. and me slept very long. At 9 a.m. we opened our eyes. What, so late, we wondered. Neither he nor me heard the alarm clock. It was 10 a.m. when I started writing my journal.

The phone rang: I got a job offer, out of the blue. What a surprise. I updated my cv and sent it. But other things had to be done, too. I had to pick up my repaired clothes. I needed a new pin for the pack station. The birthday present for my mother had to be bought, and and and.....

At 2 p.m. I was on my mat: I PRACTICED. Full vinyasas. I needed breaks. Music in the background helped me to go on when it got difficult. It was difficult. But I practiced. Yes, that's good. Ashtanga yoga must be done daily.

I am too late already. Soon I will have to leave the house to pick up E. We will drive to the birthday party of my parents (70 and 80), which is actually tomorrow. Thirty-one people are expected. So I must hurry. Like so often.


Anna said...

You are amazing on the banner photo! Absolutely an inspiration. Where do you do your practice - do you have a nice big sunny room?

Ursula said...

I have a small yoga room. What is nice is that I can look at my balcony when I practice. During summer time I keep the doors of the balcony open and then it is as if I practice outside.

One of the first pictures of this blog is my yoga place. In case you are interested go to 2006.

Thank you for the compliment re the photo.

Hope you are well and not too busy. I remember very well, that you had a lot to do.

Be relaxed


Wayne said...

Congratulations on the new job!!!

Ursula said...

Thanky you Wayne, but the contract is not yet signed. Only the first contact has happened. :)

Catherine Morgan said...

Hi Ursula. My name is Catherine Morgan, and I am the topic editor for - Sorry to contact you via your comments, I didn't see an email address.

I would like to talk to you about a possible blogging opportunity with Capessa. If you have a moment could you email me at...

catherinesblog at yahoo dot com

[Put "My Yoga Blog" in the subject line, so I don't accidentally delete your email.]

I'll look forward to talking with you.


Anna said...

Ursula - I'm a first-time poster so perhaps not the person you remember? I have just found your blog and am enjoying catching up.

Anna said...

Ursula: take no notice of my last comment - I got confused!