Monday, October 20, 2008

No perfection, no pressure

The right order might be: asanas, pranayama, meditation.
But no harm is done when I do pranayama and meditation first. In the morning after one of the Ashtanga series I don't want to do pranayama and meditation anymore. Relaxing pose is my last pose, I don't need more. When I want to meditate twice a day, I must meditate before my yoga practice in the morning.

It is already 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I don't care. No pressure, no judging today.
I did pranayama for 5 min and I meditated 10 min. I feel at ease with this time. Longer often is too long and provokes impatience in me. Then I start feeling the urge to look at my meditation clock. So I was modest today. And I had a nice sitting session. Slowly I refind my middle again. Slowly. It is my life and I live it as I like to do it. Point.

This morning I picked up the book by Sweeny at the post office. It really has a huge format. I walked home with it under my arm. I had time for a cup of coffee in a nice coffee. It was even possible to sit outside in the sun. I found winter shoes, which are not made of leather.
Play time: I need it. I will have a closer look at the book by Sweeney.


k said...

I think you should have a relaxed attitude towards yoga and not try to be yoga freak.
What you are doing looks v. right.

Ursula said...

Oh, I never thought of me as a yoga freak. But I see that I make the impression.

A relaxed attitude is always the best, I agree.

Have a nice day.