Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Indian jewelry

Almost all my jewelry, that I bought in India breaks into pieces: a few days ago the red pearls of one of my pearl necklace ran over my glass desk, my bangle is no more complete, too. This morning I saw that my expensive star sapphire shows little cracks that become brown. The sapphire itself is ice blue, almost liquid with the star on top when light falls onto the stone. I don't mind. Nothing is for eternity. Nevertheless my jewelry survived my well-being. I was not able to protect myself.
The trip goes on. The trip out of the sewer, like Jed McKenna would describe the place we are when we are attached. And I thought that I saw already more light. But this is not the case. But setbacks are part of the way. And the heater doesn't work either. It is cold here till 8 p.m.. Hahaha.

Oh, I just found my silver feet rings and they are in best shape. This gives me hope. And how lovely they decorate my feet, so nice to look at them. :)


Tracy said...

leave it to Meena to sell us the "real deal" when it comes to jewelry in India!!

Ursula said...

You are so right.

It is a good exercise to let go. I had joy to buy it, I wore it a few times and ths was it. But next time I know better.

Anna said...

That heater is beyond a joke :-)

Ursula said...

10 years the same show - after winter time and bfore winter time.

I still have to wait till tomorrow to call them because I want to remain polite at the phone. :)

Awareness, awareness.

I also see that we are rather pampered in the western world. Everything shall be perfect all the time. This is not possible. I start feeling mercy already, perhaps I can do the phone call already today.

Anonymous said...

The toe rings that you are wearing in the photo are very beautiful.

Ursula said...

Oh, thank you very much. :)