Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Better twice a day, than one long session. 5 min pranayama and 10 min meditation are enough for me for the time being. This is realistic. More is not realistic and creates pressure and dissatisfaction.

The feeling that meditation could go on is a much nicer feeling than thinking all the time when it is over.

I managed it to do 5 min pranayama and 10 meditation in the evening. It was nice.


Anna said...

I read that historically yoga asanas and pranayama existed as the prelude to the main task - meditation. Is that true?

Ursula said...

My pranayama teacher told me that this is the correct sequence.

I also read it in different other books, in the book by Yogani i.e. But he is not the only one.

Padmasana is also one of the last pose in the Ashtanga series, just before utplutthihi and relaxing pose.

I think no harm is done when this order is not respected. It is only not so effective.