Sunday, October 05, 2008


The main intention of a meditation practice is to be aware, to observe the thoughts, to observe what happens. To become quit is a consequence of these observations, but not the first intention. Not to identify with the thoughts is important. When not identified with the thoughts the mind becomes quit alone. Nevertheless all the time thoughts will come up, that's how the mind works, it is its nature. Nothing must be changed or oppressed. Observation alone initiates some changes, but the nature of the mind won't change. Understanding can grow, the understanding that we are not the mind, that we are not our thoughts (but pure consciousness), as the thoughts are always changing. That's at least how I understand it so far.

16 min I meditated today. I observed what happened and I noted it: thoughts, thoughts, or more precise, planning, planning. Many future thoughts came up today, thoughts about what I will have to do in the next days. Then my knee hurt. I thought: feeling, feeling, feeling and I let go. This was possible today. I had not to react, I could observe the pain and somehow it disappeared. I got back to the present moment, breathed, and was aware of the thoughts that came up again. Hearing, hearing, hearing, the sound of my washing machine became dominant. And then again a thought: How to clean my silver jewelery?
I thought: Interesting and I let go.

And now I look at my long to do list for the next week, which is next to my PC. Do it step by step, I think. Plan to do three things each day, this should be enough. I am so glad that I do not have to work for an employer for the time being. This would be too much.


Anonymous said...

how true!!..this is exactly how my mind tosses when I try to meditate. reading your post on meditation felt like a reflection of my own thoughts..i have not been able to get past this phase where the thoughts keep wandering around material things..and it appears self realisation is a long way to go..let me try with incense sticks this time.. who knows, it might work for me :-)

Ursula said...

Incences create a certain atmosphere, that's fine.
Last but not least when meditating we go inside and not outside.

Distractions (sounds, smell) can deepen the focus inside. But don't get confused.