Saturday, October 04, 2008

Meditation - twice a day

I am not yet back to a stable morning and evening routine.
But yesterday in the evening and this morning I managed it to meditate. It was surprisingly good. I am very motivated due to the lecture by Levine "A gradual awakening".
Suffering means to wish to be somewhere else, he wrote. To live in the present moment is what I practice when I meditate, I practice to be happy with what is. And it is wonderful to sit in my warm room on my Indian blanket.
Levine also writes about restlessness, a feeling that I experience rather often when I meditate. During meditation one can exercise not to act to that restlesness, but to observe, to observe restlessness. It is a possibility to see that through awareness automatic reactions can be interrupted.

Ha, what a joy, I just got a phone call and an invitation to a ballet on Tuesday evening. Tralalitralala.


Maya Ahu said...

ohhh it should be great to sit twice a day... I only manage once in the morning. but now you put it in my mind, I will sit in the evenings also or do one of Osho meditations.

Ursula said...

It is good to sandwich the day.:)

Btw, when you walk up the street where Shiva has his house, on the right side lives a man who is very often in the Ashram in Pune. He offers from time to time meditations like Vipanasana. You will find out easily where he lives.

All the best.