Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A man, a woman, a teacher

It takes three to make the thing comes true.
Mysore class this evening - exactly what I needed. The first surya namaskara was awful. I know this already. The body tightens rather quickly during the course of a day. But soon after the start the body became soft. This I experience rather often, too. It is amazing. The start is the crucial point. Once this is done to continue becomes easier.

I got so many helpful hints today regarding chaturanga dandasana and krounchasana. Adjustment in mari c and d were great as I seem to loose these poses. Supta kurmasana was most intensive. What an evening.

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Kevin said...

If you just do some simple stretching first thing in the morning, I was told it sets the resting length of your muscles for the day, so when you come to practice yoga, they do not have so far to go. Each morning now I do Uttanasana, Trikonasana, Pariv Trikonasana, backbend against the wall and handstand.It only takes the same time as the kettle takes to boil and the toaster to throw my toast across the kitchen!