Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Let's have breakfast in a bakery."

My bf wanted to have breakfast in a cafe or a bakery. We can still do it as I am at home. This can change very quickly. So we took advantage of the situation and went out. Round the corner is a bakery and there we had our morning coffee and cakes, something sweet.

At home again my routines started: I also did pranayama and meditation. For me it is helpful to name what happens when meditating. I.e. when I want to stop meditating, I think: restlessness. Then I observe restlessness and to my surprise it disappears most of the time. It comes back, but the same method helps again and restlessness disappears again.
I think it could be a good idea to use this little trick when I want to leave my mat when practicing yoga. I intend to close my eyes when I want to leave my mat and observe and name what happens: restlessness. I am curious if this will make my practice more focused.

It's rainy here and cold. I feel energized. This is very good.
Oh I am shocked. I just saw that it is already after 12. Where does all the time go all the time???


annabella said...

Did you eat outside in the rain? I love outdoor breakfasts too... it's such a lovely way to start the day. But prefer when the sun is shining.

Have a wonderful day!

Ursula said...

Oh, thank you, it is a mistake. With outside I meant not at home, but in a bakery or a cafe. It is too cold to sit outside.

I will correct it.

Have a wonderful day, too.