Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's raining, I don't mind

I picked up my new book from the pack station: Radical awakening - Dialogues with Stephen Jourdain. There are European people who are awakened, too. It seems to be a very good book.
It was raining while I walked downtown. Soon my shoes were wet, I didn't mind. I walked down the streets, knowing my destination. My destination was the Indian restaurant that I found a few weeks ago. Arrived, I took a seat. It took half an hour till I got the menue. Then the waiter must have forgotten me. I stood up and left the restaurant after another 30 min without having had lunch. India is far far away I thought, I didn't get a bit of a taste of it. I was relaxed.

My thoughts circled and circled and circled around the pictures that I have taken at the birthday party or better that I have not taken. I just managed it to go through them again. They are not so bad. There is at least one picture of my mother that is very good and at least one picture of my father that is very good. My thoughts circled around the awful phone call full of shouting and accusations. I wrote my parents an Email that they should go to a photografer in their home town to get the missing picture (both together on one picture) and that this was part of the birthday present. They won't do that, I know this. But now I must go on with my life. I must close my soul, there is no room for the frustrations of others. I finish this topic now.

Next birthday will be my birthday next year. Whatever I will do, it will be....... I don't finish this sentence.

A lost day, yes, because I did no yoga, because I did nothing. Soon E. will arrive and we will go to the Greece restaurant.
Wise people say: So is life, that's it, there is nothing else but this. Live it. See the show behind all this seriousness........ I try, I try.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Ursula! I just have to say that the photos of yours posted to this blog are really beautiful!

Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi U -

It is very, very hard to get free from our parents. They are such a strong influence in our lives, from a time when we were so vulnerable and dependent.

I wish you were feeling better. Life is just a big puzzle (but not, fortunately, one that we have to play mostly naked on TV while people call us!! ) Okay, are you laughing now? Cause I'm laughing!

You're strong, you're beautiful, you are so much more organized and accomplished and successful than is even necessary.

By the by, you're a great photographer too. Just think of all the joy you've spread literally through the world with your pictures!


Ursula said...

Thank you very much to both of you.

Oh yeah, I play with clothes, beautiful ones. Hahaha.