Thursday, October 23, 2008


After the standing sequence, I gave up. I left my mat. It was soooooo hard today.
I wonder if my fellow Ashtangis have such difficult days, too.
I consider to bake an onion cake, perhaps I will be more successfull with this activity.


Kevin said...

Some days you just know its not going to happen, perhaps its the body's way fo saying it needs a rest.

Ursula said...

...and I took a rest. Buh, that was hard yesterday.

joy suzanne said...

Hey Ursula, did you have a better practice today?

I have HORROR days sometimes, too. When I feel like I hate yoga soooo much. I do my practice and I'm angry. That's no good... it's better to leave to mat. I tell my teacher that I'm doing finishing. He doesn't say no!

Ursula said...

No yoga so far. We didn't get up on time and at 12 I had an interview. I am very enthusiastic. And just now E.'s mother called me to meet her downtown.

Really the best time to practice is very early in the morning.

All the best for you.