Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go, go, don't think, go, go..

......and I went and as usual I didn't regret it. Full house today at the Mysore class, that means we were 7 Ashtanga students. Strength left me after the first half of the primary series. I think my practice was less elegant as usual then. Oh this sounds a bit arrogant as I do not know if my practice usually looks elegantly. However. I feel good now. I have energy again. After the interview this afternoon I was tired. So tired that I laid down in relaxation pose when I was at home again. I slept at once for half an hour. I had set the alarm clock in order not to miss my yoga class. ..........and then I went. It is amazing that the practice can give back the energy.

Jump through: This improved. I learned from our fellow blogger (blog:"Jump through") that it makes sense to lift up the heels as much as possible before jumping. This little change has great effect. It becomes easier to balance on the hands and this makes it easier to bring the legs through the arms without touching the floor with the feet (too hard).
Urdhva dhanurasana: I have the feeling that I can arch my back a bit more. The pose becomes easier. The hands must still walk more to the feet. Slowly, slowly. Most important for me is that I don't get injured. I try now not to hold the breath when I am in that pose, what is not that easy. I shift the weight from the feet to the hands and back. I try to keep the arms straight. This are enough challenges for me. When standing and arching back, I walk my hands slowly down my legs. I relax and then I try to go a bit deeper. With an inhaling I come up, hopefully evenly. The leg muscles must be used, but also moola bandha. The chest must open, the shoulders go down and backwards. The head goes backwards, too. There are so many things to take into consideration. But one day this will all happen automatically and then......bang, the pose can be done without falling on the head.

What else: pashasana: Will I ever be able to do it alone? I shall see. With time the answer will come.

That was my day. A busy day. At least it seemed so to me.

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Begin - writing, yoga, and more said...

Hi Ursula -
It sounds like a really good practice. I'm glad to hear about the interviews. I'll be crossing my fingers for you for Friday.

(Walking would be nice, as would pay!! ) :)